Verdicts And Settlements

School bullying case, resulting in student's partial vision loss ($1,200,000.00)

Auto Accident with delivery truck, resulting in low back surgery, including laminectomy and spinal cord stimulator ($1,175,000.00)

Workplace accident, resulting in surgery to the lower back ($530,000.00)

Automobile crash, resulting in cervical fusion ($345,000.00)

Negligent non-emergency ambulance transport to dialysis treatment, resulting in injury to patient ($1,100,000.00)

Pedestrian college student, with facial scarring, due to speeding pizza delivery car ($220,000.00)

Worker's Compensation recovery for neck injury ($183,000.00)

Automobile accident causing bulging disc, with resulting injection for pain ($93,000.00)

Morris County automobile and dump truck accident, resulting in cervical fusion ($550,000.00)

Bus accident with pedestrian ($37,500.00)

Wrongful Death of a female pedestrian instantly killed while crossing street ($300,000.00)

Auto accident with van, resulting in neck fusion, discectomy, bone graft, facet joint blocks, injections and epidurals ($827,801.00)

Hit and Run auto accident victim, resulting in medical procedure to lower neck ($235,000.00)

Low impact auto accident, resulting in temporary memory loss and reduced concentration ($100,000.00)

Fall Down in stairway at rental complex, resulting in wrist fracture ($85,000.00)

Monthly worker's compensation benefit initially denied injury from falling mechanical lift, resulting in low back surgery ($5,200.00)

Ice slip and fall at an apartment complex, resulting in ankle fracture (bimalleolar) and surgery ($202,500.00)

Pedestrian hit at shopping mall crosswalk, resulting in shoulder surgery (rotator cuff) ($125,000.00)

Trip from poorly maintained and constructed raised sidewalk, resulting in simple hand fracture ($125,000.00)

Denied Worker's Compensation/Taxi accident ($185,000.00)

Fall Down on ice and snow against snowplowing company and business landlord parking lot, resulting in screw implant into ankle and leg ($270,000.00)

Bergen County auto accident with gasoline tanker truck, resulting in herniation and fusion surgery, corpectomy to lower back ($550,000.00)

Low impact parking lot back-up auto case with dental (TMJ) procedure ($192,500.00)

Slip and fall on ice at condominium apartment complex parking lot, resulting in ankle mortise surgery ($225,000.00)

Low impact, minor damage auto case, resulting in fusion ($195,000.00)

Grocery store slip and fall on oil ($190,000.00)

Denied low impact auto accident with foraminotomy nerve decompression ($100,000.00)

Auto accident with neurological impairment ($250,000.00)

Department store fall down, resulting in ankle fracture (bimalleolar) ($250,000.00)

Workers compensation and auto with truck accident, resulting in herniation, epidurals and percutaneous decompression ($225,000.00)

Motorcycle accident, resulting in facet joint injections ($100,000.00)

Auto accident, resulting in percutaneous disc compression ($100,000.00)