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Personal Injury FAQ

For over 35 years Paul Grosso has provided strong representation and sound counsel to clients in a broad range of personal injury lawsuits. For 20 continuous years, Mr. Grosso has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney. Paul, his partner Clark Sarkisian and the other skilled and veteran attorneys at Grosso & Sarkisian, ensure our clients are not only protected under the law, but that they are educated and understand every aspect of their case. 

When you call our firm, a lawyer will return your call promptly. You will not be ignored by our attorneys and pushed off” to staff, nor will you hear past clients complain about client to lawyer communication during their representation.


Our attorneys will answer any question or concern during your lawsuit and help you understand what to expect as your case proceeds.


Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions our clients have about personal injury litigation in New Jersey. 

Have additional questions? Speak to our trusted lawyers by contacting our Elmwood Park firm online, or call 201-475-9600 for a free, no-risk case evaluation today. 

  • How much is my case worth?
    This question is difficult to answer, as it depends on the particulars of your individual case. In New Jersey, injury victims may be eligible to recover compensation for damages including lost and future wages, the cost of medical treatment, and pain and suffering. To learn more about what your individual case is worth, contact our firm today.
  • How do I know who to file my personal injury claim against?
    In order to recover the maximum compensation in your personal injury lawsuit, it is critical to file a claim against the right defendant. At the Law Office of Grosso & Sarkisian, we can investigate the circumstances of your injury to determine who is liable for your losses.
  • I was partially responsible for my injury. Can I still pursue compensation?
    In most cases, yes. While the amount you are eligible to recover may be decreased, you are still entitled to an award even if you were partially at fault. To learn more, contact our firm and speak with a trusted attorney who can help you understand the particulars of your individual claim.
  • What is "negligence"?"
    For a personal injury claim to be viable, you must be injured as a result of someone else's "negligence." Negligence refers to careless action that falls short of the industry's accepted standard of care.
  • Will my attorney be accessible to me?
    Yes. At the Law Office of Grosso & Sarkisian, we recognize how important attorney-client communication is to the success of a personal injury lawsuit. While other firms may not return your calls for months, your attorney meets with each of his clients in person at least once every three weeks. Clients are always welcome at our office, and our attorneys make themselves available in times of need.
  • How soon after my injury should I file a lawsuit?
    Injury victims should contact an attorney and file a claim as soon as possible after their accident, as there is a time limit on filing personal injury claims in New Jersey. Once that time limit expires, you may no longer be eligible to make a monetary recovery.
  • More Questions? Get Answers From Our Attorneys.
    If you have additional questions about your lawsuit or what to expect as your case moves forward, contact the Law Office of Grosso & Sarkisian today for comprehensive answers via email , or call 201-475-9600 .
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