Personal Injury FAQ

For over 35 years Paul Grosso has provided strong representation and sound counsel to clients in a broad range of personal injury lawsuits. For 20 continuous years, Mr. Grosso has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney. Paul, his partner Clark Sarkisian and the other skilled and veteran attorneys at Grosso & Sarkisian, ensure our clients are not only protected under the law, but that they are educated and understand every aspect of their case. 

When you call our firm, a lawyer will return your call promptly. You will not be ignored by our attorneys and pushed off” to staff, nor will you hear past clients complain about client to lawyer communication during their representation.


Our attorneys will answer any question or concern during your lawsuit and help you understand what to expect as your case proceeds.


Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions our clients have about personal injury litigation in New Jersey. 

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Personal Injury FAQ

How do i pay the deposit?

Deposits can be made by cash or direct deposit. i

How do I pay remainding balance

Remainding balance is to be payed prior to event by cash or direct deposit. Payment on night is only accepted if prior arrangements have been placed. All late payments will incur a late fee.

Can guests request songs on the night

Yes guests can request songs on the night. Please remember we are a family friendly DJ company so we will not play Grunge,Techno, Explict language material.

Can you down load this song or plug my phone into your system

Simple answer No. we will not down load or play off mobile phones during the night.

Do you have back up equipment

Yes we have backup systems as well as a backup DJ if needed.

What do we need to provide

All we need is a electrical outlet and a table.

Do you have lights

We have a variety of lights from led to lazer effects

How can i find out if you are available for my event

Send us a email or call us to check availability as we book up fast

When should I book Mic B DJ Services

As soon as you have a event date.

How do I book Mic B DJ Services

By paying a deposit and signing a booking agreement to secure date

Is the deposit refundable

No, The deposit is non refundable.

How long does it take to set up and break down.

Takes about 90 minutes to set up and break down around a hour

How many songs do you have

we have over 40,000 songs from the 50,s through to current top 40,s

Do you charge a set up fee

Set up and break down is free

Can i supply a song list for my event

Yes you can. All song lists must be in 7 days befor event.

What happens if my guests are rude or threaten the DJ

If this happens the DJ has the right to pack up equipment and leave. NO REFUND GIVEN. While our DJ,s are working at your event they should be treated with respect as we will respect you.

Do i need to supply food and drinks to the DJ

Yes. as we are at the event up to 90 minutes before guests arrive setting up and the last one to leave it is, Also we dont stop to the music for meal breaks we work non stop through the night.

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