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Verdicts & Settlements


School bullying case, resulting in student’s partial vision loss.


Auto Accident with delivery truck, resulting in low back surgery, including laminectomy and spinal cord stimulator


Automobile crash, resulting in cervical fusion.


Automobile crash causing shoulder surgery because of prehistory of exacerbation of shoulder injury.


Garden State Parkway crash, resulting in neck fusion surgery.


Front seat passenger in automobile crash, ultimately requiring hip and lumbar surgeries.


Garden State Parkway rest stop visitor tripped on raised concrete defect, resulting in minor Traumatic Brain Injury.


Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder caused by rear-end collision on Route 78.


Automobile crash with turning vehicle, resulting in shoulder surgery and second revision shoulder surgery.


New York parking lot pedestrian knockdown causing facial skull and hand fractures.


Rear end truck collision, resulting in low back surgery and ultimate impotency of man in his 30’s.


Automobile accident involving man with pre-existing back surgery.  Client’s prime injuries were aggravated requiring additional low back surgery.


Left turn automobile negligence causing fractures to the ulna (arm bone), lumbar & cervical bulges and possible meniscus tear.


Car crash resulting in arthroscopic shoulder surgery.


Negligent non-emergency ambulance transport to dialysis treatment, resulting in injury to patient.


Worker’s Compensation recovery for neck injury.


Morris County automobile and dump truck accident, resulting in cervical fusion.


Auto accident with van, resulting in neck fusion, discectomy, bone graft, facet joint blocks, injections and epidurals.


Low impact auto accident, resulting in temporary memory loss and  reduced concentration.

$5,200.00 Per Month

Monthly worker’s compensation benefit initially denied injury from falling mechanical lift, resulting in low back surgery.


Pedestrian hit at shopping mall crosswalk, resulting in shoulder surgery (rotator cuff).


Denied Worker’s Compensation/Taxi accident.


Bergen County auto accident with gasoline tanker truck, resulting in herniation and fusion surgery, corpectomy to lower back.


Slip and fall on ice at condominium apartment complex parking lot, resulting in ankle mortise surgery.


Grocery store slip and fall on oil.


Auto accident with neurological impairment.


Workers compensation and auto with truck accident, resulting in herniation, epidurals and percutaneous decompression.


Auto accident, resulting in percutaneous disc compression.


Transportation company failed to secure patient in wheelchair with seat belt and dropped patient down concrete steps, resulting in multiple severe leg fractures 


Workplace accident, resulting in surgery to the lower back.


Compression fracture of vertebral in thoracic spine, resulting from fall on uncleared snow on tenant’s steps.


Automobile crash when defendant driver backed out of driveway.  Pre-existing neck complaints increased, ultimately requiring cervical fusion.


Automobile crash causing traffic control device to fall on client’s vehicle.  Resulting loud sound causing partial hearing loss and tinnitus in ears.


Automobile accident leading to Achilles tendon surgery.


Sidewalk cellar door left open in commercial premises causing client to fall to ground causing neurological damage to wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome) and cervical bulges.


Dogs left unattended knocking down man and re-fracturing recent hip replacement.


Nail salon pedicure negligence, resulting in unhealed foot laceration and permanent limp.


Failure to remove tree and properly design private road negligence.  Driver lost control of car and hit tree, resulting in femur fracture and implantation of Screw and Rods.


Fall on ice covered by snow at common area walkway in apartment complex, resulting in podiatric tendon surgery, bone contusions, fusion of metatarsal, amongst other injuries.


Hit and Run automobile crash causing door to hit client who was exiting vehicle, resulting in arthroscopic shoulder surgery.


Workplace injury: fracture of arm and disfiguring scar caused by employer’s dismantling of safety device.


Student passenger in teacher’s vehicle suffered orthopedic injuries when vehicle flipped on way to practice. 


Pedestrian college student, with facial scarring, due to speeding pizza delivery car


Automobile accident causing bulging disc, with resulting injection for pain.


Wrongful Death of a female pedestrian instantly killed while crossing street.


Hit and Run auto accident victim, resulting in medical procedure to lower neck.


Fall Down in stairway at rental complex, resulting in wrist fracture.


Ice slip and fall at an apartment complex, resulting in ankle fracture (bimalleolar) and surgery.


Trip from poorly maintained and constructed raised sidewalk, resulting in simple hand fracture.


Fall Down on ice and snow against snowplowing company and business landlord parking lot, resulting in screw implant into ankle and leg.


Low impact parking lot back-up auto case with dental (TMJ) procedure.


Low impact, minor damage auto case, resulting in fusion.


Denied low impact auto accident with foraminotomy nerve decompression.


Department store fall down, resulting in ankle fracture (bimalleolar).


Motorcycle accident, resulting in facet joint injections.


Bus accident with pedestrian.

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