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Product Liability

At The Law Office of Grosso & Sarkisian we protect the safety and legal rights of North Jersey consumers. A Certified Civil Trial Attorney, Mr. Grosso has the skill and experience to advocate on behalf of persons injured by a broad range of consumer and other products products, in each case seeking the maximum compensation for his clients' losses and ensuring their rights are fully protected. For over 35 years, our founder and lead attorney Paul Grosso has been dedicated to holding manufacturers responsible when they produce dangerous products that cause buyers injury or illness.

At our premier personal injury firm, all of our lawyers can provide compassionate guidance during this difficult time in your life and help you make the recovery you need to get back on your feet. For a free consultation with a leading dangerous products lawyer, contact The Law Office of Grosso & Sarkisian online, or call 201-475-9600.

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A Lifelong Commitment To Consumer Safety

From the beginning, our firm has provided injury victims and their families with the comprehensive representation and individualized counsel they need to succeed in a products liability lawsuit. 

Injuries resulting from dangerous products usually arise from either a manufacturing, a design or an advertising defect. At The Law Office of Grosso & Sarkisian, we can investigate to determine who is at fault for your injury and help you recover the maximum compensation from the responsible party.

From our first meeting to your final verdict or settlement, All of our lawyers will work closely alongside you to ensure you fully understand the legal and medical aspects of your case and know what to expect going forward. It is our goal to help restore your quality of life and hold dangerous manufacturers accountable for their negligence. 

Compassionate To Our Clients' Needs

Based in Elmwood Park, The Law Office of Grosso & Sarkisian provides comprehensive representation to clients injured by faulty or defective products. In New Jersey, injury victims may be entitled to compensation for damages including, but not limited to lost wages, the cost of medical bills, and pain and suffering. To learn if you are eligible to file a claim.

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